Operations Management

Just as it’s difficult to keep current on all areas of veterinary care, it can be challenging to develop a full complement of advanced business management skills. For the small to medium sized practice, even a well contained budget may not provide the room for hiring a full time management team.

At the same time, larger practices in the same veterinary market benefit from a full time Hospital Manager or Practice Administrator. Group and corporate practices have the additional guidance of an Area or Regional Operations Director, each of whom are responsible to provide leadership and operations support to several hospitals.

Yes, we’re disrupting an outdated veterinary business model.

Practice owners no longer need to do management duties after hours. They no longer need to hire from within and hope their team member can step up to a new role in management. You can have one of Canada’s leading CVPM’s on your management team for a fraction of the cost of a full time practice manager. We provide the innovative and structured support of an operations director who is dedicated to your practice. Your hospital and health care team get the support and competitive edge they need in this constantly changing marketplace.


How does it work?

Weekly support is delivered through an effective blend of on-site and remote management. We have attractive support bundles for 3, 6 or 12 month periods, starting at as little as 5 hours per week. You control just how much support your practice receives. We always have your back, and we're also available for on-call emergencies. Practice Maven smoothly collaborates with any practice leadership structure including practice owners, a lead client care coordinator or any level of manager. We have mentored various team members to national Practice Manager of the Year nominations and multiple OAVT RVT of the Year Awards. We can grow a team member into an office manager or transform an office manager into a hospital manager.

We improve the efficiency and operational performance of your practice through:

  • Ensuring accountability and oversight
  • Financial analysis and budgeting
  • Team meetings, training, workshops and assessments
  • Leadership mentoring
  • Protocol enhancement (HR, Inventory, Staff Policies, Medical SOP’s)
  • and so much more

What are the benefits?

Peace of mind:

You’ve got this. Your practice and healthcare team are taken care of. Start enjoying your workday and, start enjoying your time after your workday

Greater Team Satisfaction & Improved Workplace Culture:

Leadership, HR protocols, training and coaching provide a focus on supporting practice team development and performance, without competing with the veterinary owner’s focus on patient care

Advanced management:

Provides the level of operations support usually only found at much larger or corporate practices

Increased Revenue Generation:

KPI Analysis, Team & Equipment Optimization and Workflow analysis promotes the efficient utilization of resources and reduced expenses

Reduce Expenses, Mitigate Fraud Risk:

Budget Development, Inventory Optimization and Bookkeeping protocols reduce fraud risk and improve net income by reducing expenses

Budget containment:

Finding efficiencies in operations and can usually result in an increase in net income of 5-15%, for a strong ROI

Still want to know more?

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