Practice Perils Assessment

A Certified Veterinary Practice Manager with over 15 years of practice ownership experience assesses your practice’s risk in over 175 vulnerable aspects of the following areas: Financial Controls & Fraud, Inventory, Human Resources, Personal Safety, Building & Equipment, and Intellectual Property.

Review your whole practice or just a part of it.

Safeguard Your Business with the Practice Perils Assessment

Small businesses like veterinary hospitals are more susceptible to fraud and financial loss from giving single employees end-to-end responsibility for key tasks, while the practice owner is balancing patient care with work/life balance. At Practice Maven, we’ve been through fraud investigations and know the protocols which reduce the risk of fraud and theft at your practice. We not only look at what you do, but how you do it, and can give a valuable 3rd party assessment on separation of duty, oversight and accountability.

The personal safety of your staff, clients and patients are also examined with a thorough review of relevant HR and workflow protocols. We maintain a keen eye to reduce accidents, improve safety, mitigate risks and improve guidance and supervision for your team.

The Practice Perils Assessment produces an action plan that clearly identifies areas of concern at your practice. We'll offer effective solutions for all of the identified areas of concern.

Are there really over 175 vulnerable areas of my practice?

Yes, and ignoring any of these areas can disrupt and threaten your practice and health care team. Leverage our experience, mitigate your risk and sleep better at night. 

Here are just a few areas we cover:


  • Key financial statement reconciliations
  • End to end banking responsibilities
  • Essential operations reporting
  • Cash handling protocols
  • Invoice security

Human Resources and Personal Safety:

  • Current and enforceable staff policies
  • Staff exiting protocols
  • Compassion Fatigue prevention
  • Afterhours procedures
  • Response plan audit

Building, Equipment and Information:

  • End of day visibility
  • Closing procedures
  • Password protocols
  • Maintenance essentials
  • Key document continuity


  • Separation of duty
  • Ordering Management
  • Inventory flow
  • Controlled substance review

For an even more comprehensive assessment of your practice, ask about our Comprehensive Management Essentials Assessment. It reviews 175 vulnerable areas found in the Practice Perils Assessment AND it reviews over 70 essential practice functions in additional areas such as:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Team Performance
  • Clients and Patients
  • Leadership
  • Marketing & Communications