Practice Perils Assessment

Do you ever leave work feeling uneasy about some aspects of your practice? You don’t know why that is, and you just don’t know what to do about it or where to start. Experts say 20% of employees are aware of fraud at their companies. How about you?

We help provide assurance by reviewing over 175 of the most vulnerable components of your practice in the areas of Finance, Inventory, Human Resources, Personal Safety, Building, Equipment and Intellectual Technology. Aspects that have the potential to disrupt and threaten your practice are revealed and mitigated. You receive guidelines and protocols to address your concerns as well as a detailed, actionable plan for establishing positive change at your practice.

Get a fresh look at your practice from one of Canada’s longest practicing Certified Veterinary Practice Managers. Advance the accountability, security, and safety of your practice and sleep better at night!

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Operations Management

Between the demands of servicing patients, generating practice revenue, and the need for work-life balance, many veterinarians are challenged when trying to keep pace with the advanced management resources available to larger and corporate practices. As a previous practice owner, I understand the test of operating a thriving practice in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

We provide your practice with advanced CVPM level, cutting edge support in all aspects of an animal hospital’s operation, including: Customer Service, Community Outreach, Marketing, Organization & Strategic Planning, Human Resources, Law & Ethics, and Financial Management.

Grow your practice and develop your health care team with advanced management support without the cost of a full time management team.

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Compassion Fatigue Workshops

What’s the cost of compassion at your practice?

Left unchecked, compassion fatigue can devastate a caring, top performing team member. It also leads to higher sick day counts, increased staff turnover, declining customer service and a lack of interest in care results for your patients.

Improve your practice performance by giving your team the tools they need to prevent the onset of compassion fatigue. They’ll be empowered to take better care of themselves, your clients and your patients.

We have 2 very different workshops that are customized for veterinary healthcare workers:

  • Compassion Fatigue: Self Care for the Practice Team
  • Compassion Fatigue: Operations and Culture for Practice Leadership

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Practice Management Consulting

We create effective solutions.

In practice life, there’s always new challenges and surprises distracting us from our goals.  We provide wicked focus on your concerns, and offer effective solutions, saving your practice’s valuable resources of time and money.

Overcome the obstacles that you face with solutions customized to the unique veterinary environment that is your practice. Let’s collaborate and create the change you want to see in your practice.

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